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February 15, 2016
NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 3 TM and © 2014 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.  All Rights Reserved.  Not for sale or duplication.

NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 3 © 2014 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

Honestly, I haven’t been to all New York museums myself, though I really enjoy this kind of entertainment. Well, perhaps, it’s just impossible to see them all and still enjoy the process. I like to stretch the fun, especially since I have such an opportunity. But when you you’re here for a week or two – it’s absolutely ineffective to devote all the time you have to museums, galleries and libraries. After all, mostly you’ll prefer to have a lot of walks, local food, and tons of other little things that help to feel the atmosphere of the city.

Though, its necesary to say that New York museums are completely different from European, for example. You wont see anything like a Museum of moving image anywhere besides US. So, Im glad to share with you my recommendations with a museum brief descriptions, as well as the days when some museums can be accessed free of charge. And, of course, if you have any questions or need an advice, Email me by simply filling the form on contact page.

American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History|Американский музей естественной истории

American Museum of Natural History|Американский музей естественной истории

Yes, this is the museum with dinosaurs. Here worked Ross from “Friends”, was filmed entirely stupid “Night at the Museum”, and probably a dozen other movies.Purchase a super saver ticket and enjoy the one of a kind museum for the whole day. There are 3D, IMAX, planetarium, incredible shows and amazing permanent exhibition inside.


Whitney Museum of American Art
Hard to tell everything, but there are 21 000 art pieces, plus educational programs, additional exhibitions, exciting new building and there are free tours every day, the schedule on the website.


Museum of Modern Art – MoMA
Free admission to the Museum of Modern Art every Friday, 4 to 8pm. Even if you are not a modern art lover, you should go. I would say especially in this case. Here will work any kind of approach, whether you like to observe each peace with enthusiasm, or simply walk through the reflection of the last centuries. In 2004 the museum was renovated and expanded, though it is still not that huge. The outside Sculpture Garden has developed Philip Johnson, there you’ll find works by Calder, Moore and Rodin.


New York Public Library
It offers even more than just free access, there is also a free tour, twice a day, at 11 and 2 o’clock. Remember the impressive hall from “Day after tomorrow” movie? So, it is in the library. Moreover, there are a few rooms, where you can come with your laptop and work. And the history of this fascinating library is amazing, besides there are private collections, free courses on anything you like, interesting exhibitions and all these for free.


Museum of Moving Image

Only 15 minutes from Midtown Manhattan and you are in Astoria, so it should not limit yourself with Manhattan. One of the exhibits, for example, demonstrates each step of the filmmaking process, hundreds of artifacts from the production and some classic (actually working!) Arcade games, like Pac Man, etc. All the same, Fridays, from 4 to 8, free admission.


The Morgan Library and Museum

Morgan Library&Museum|Музей и библиотека Моргана

Morgan Library&Museum|Музей и библиотека Моргана

Friday, from 7 to 9, and you are enjoying one of the most amazing private libraries in the world for free. This mansion on Madison Avenue was once the personal library of the financier – JP Morgan, who decided to make this “small” gift to the city. In addition to the incredible collection of books, you can find there art pieces by Michelangelo, Rembrandt and Picasso. As for me, this is kind of a dream library, something almost impossible: annotated copy of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley; manuscript of Dickens, Poe and Wilde; handwritten notes of Beethoven and Mozart; and the original edition of Dickens – Christmas Carol, which is always shown during the Christmas season, and I’ve actually seen it! However, there are number of Dickens there. Okay, okay, I i just can’t stop myself, I love libraries.


Metropolitan Museum

As for me, the Louvre is way more boring. It has everything and from all over the world, as if the history of mankind can penetrate only through this one museum. There is a recommended admissions, but in fact – you can pay as much as you want. At least, if you’re not a student, but not against saving – pay $ 12, no one is going to check your student id. some people believe that $ 1-2 is enough, so the choice is yours.


New York Historical Society
The oldest museum in New York, founded in 1804, was one of the first cultural and educational institutions of America. Unlike most of museums, the Historical Society of New York offers a comprehensive look at New York history. The exhibits cover all aspects of city life, offering a glimpse into the city  everyday life. Free admission from 6 to 8 pm on Fridays.


Solomon R. Gugenheim Museum
The museum is located in one of the most iconic buildings in New York and the collection includes works by Picasso, Kandinsky and Miro. Guggenheim’s outstanding architecture: the well-known spiral inside the building – the real #trend on Instagram. Entrance is not actually free, but on Saturdays, from 5.45 to 7.45, you can pay as much as you see want.


9/11 Memorial and Museum

The memorial is free all the times, so it’s only about museum. For me, this memorial is dedicated not only to the memory of victims. I think it is a reminder of this kind of world we are living in. tuesdays, from 5 pm till the end of working hours, the entrance to the museum is free.


Brooklyn Botanical Garden
Brooklyn Botanical Garden| Ботанический сад в Бруклине
Tuesdays are always free. Garden is amazing, especially in May. I would recommend to dedicate the whole day to Brooklyn, to get rid of these prejudices that there is nothing to see. You should come in the morning to the garden, then stroll along Prospect Park and meet the sunset in Park Slope, Brooklyn’s classic scene. And in the evening go either to Williamsburg or to the Brooklyn Bridge Park and enjoy the night view of Manhattan.


Bronx Zoo

Red Panda at Bronx Zoo|Красная Панда

Red Panda at Bronx Zoo|Красная Панда

Honestly, I do not really like zoos. But if you are traveling with kids or just have plenty of time, this zoo is city’s the best. More than 6,000 animals and 265 acres, aiming to recreate animals’ natural habitat. FYI: entrance to temporary exhibitions you’ll be charged extra fee.


Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology
Isabella Toledo exhibit at FIT Museum
Small but always with interesting exhibitions, moreover, totally free. For example, I was recently there for the exhibition dedicated to denim. Levi’s from 1840s and Yves Saint Laurent from 70s in the same room – this is actually something worth your time.


Here you’ll find a complete list of all free and almost free museums, in case it was not enough

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