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January 26, 2016

I was thinking for quite a long time how should I start a blog, which language to use, what topics to disclose. Finally I decided to start from the beginning, maybe even a bit boring beginning, but practical and important.

Usually, I’m asked not that much about which museums are worth visiting (although we’ll come to this point), but what actually you’re going to do when just stepped out of an airplane. How to get to the city, how to find the apartment, where to buy products, how to deal with communication, which metro card more profitable to take and so on and so forth.


# 1 Housing problem

Josefin Hååg for Residence gray-scale-via-fashionsquad

This paragraph will be of little interest to those who prefer to stay in the hotels. But as far as I know, if people finally got to the United States from the other side of the planet, it is will be a trip for 2 weeks at least to several months. Of course, the hotel is expensive here, and objectively that money is not worth it, ’cause you will only sleep there. AirBnb, incidentally, are not super cheap, that’s why I always suggest the following scheme:

  • Book AirBnb for the first 2-3 days
  • The day before departure start to looking | sublets | temporary housing, enter your date or just the month, filter the price and the area if necessary. There are tons of sublet options all the time.
  • Write letters to everyone you like and just wait for answers. They usually respond during the day, some even immediately. By the way, if you wrote a little about yourself – you probably increased the chances of getting the desired apartment / room. And yes, not necessarily to take the whole apartment or a studio in New York. It is much easier to find a room like everybody does here.
  • Then you receive answers and invitation to see the place. You schedule meetings on those two days, when you’ll be in the apartment from AirBnb. And by the way, never pay in advance for sublease, they are probably cheating. Only when you are already in the apartment and got the keys.

There are few Pros of sublease: first it is price, of course, can be twice cheaper than a hotel.

Second, you can see with your own eyes with whom you will live.

And thirdly, it is, of course a kitchen. New York is an insanely expensive city, and to eat in the city 3 times a day is painfully wasteful. At least, breakfast is worth doing at home. After all, better spent your money on the impressions.

#2 Transport


gif by Drew Geraci

Airport. You have several options: uber, yellow cab or subway. As for the prices, if It’s JFK: Uber in Brooklyn without traffic around $ 50, to Manhattan 60-70, cabs are supposed to have pretty the same price, but sometimes fee appears to be as much as $ 90, subway – $ 3. It’s the question of fatigue and comfort. After the flight, of course, you want to relax and just look out the window and observe a new city.

In any case, if you decided to start with the subway, then in addition to the address, better prepare you subway route in advance. Google maps will help you. By the way, the New York subway runs 24/7 and there are 24 different lines.

#3 Connection


The first thing you have to do when you finally taking your first walk through the city – is to buy a local SIM card with a normal amount of the high-speed data. I think the best price=quality option has T-mobile. Sure, you can just walk from one wifi spot to another, but to be honest, this city is much nicer and easier if you have good Internet.

#4 Where to begin


I think, you can arrive in the evening to Times Square to realize where you are, look at all that crowds, lights, windows, and so on..

If it’s still daytime then go to the Central Park south entrance or Brooklyn Bridge. This seems to be a cliche, but before you plunge into the city life, it is important to understand properly where you are.

These are the basic tips on the first day in the city. In the next posts I’ll talk about the food, banks, money. Yet the majority of the blog will be about those routes that travel agencies don’t offer.

If you have any questions or suggestions, check ‘Contact‘ page and you’ll find the e-mail form.

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